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A Letter To Myself (Humbly offered to you)


“To know that I am nothing, that is wisdom. To know that I am everything, that is love,

and in between these life moves.”


I spent some time reflecting on this proverb last night.


What I realize is that I am nothing. I am alone. I am living in a dream that has no beginning and end. And I found some sadness in that. Everything that I am, and every action I do, in the grand scheme of it all is largely insignificant.


But, in that same reflection, I realize that I am everything. That, no matter how small, the plan of the universe unfolds because of me. This world turns the way that it does because I am in it, and because you are in it.


I have been afraid, at many points in my life, of being my authentic self. I have feared what others, what society, would think. But I am nothing, and so are they. Our purpose on this earth is to be fully us. Not the person your parents, or friends, or society wants you to be, but the person that deep in your heart you know you are. We are nothing, yet we are everything. We are the soul of this world and that same soul lives in every living being.


So wake up today.


Thank whatever God you believe in for the opportunity to be alive.


Laugh and love with good people.


And find yourself moving one step closer to uncovering who you truly are.


You change the world by living out YOUR purpose. I love you and all that you are.​

Written September 07, 2016 -- 5 days before I left for California

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