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Hi, I'm Rob.

I help people who feel stuck and unfulfilled open up to the infinite possibilities of life, reconnect with their intuitive self, and create an external reality that is deeply rooted in their authentic being, without the usual isolation and confusion, so they may experience greater peace, freedom, and happiness in this lifetime.

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I live my life on the shore
I've always felt safe there
I know the rules and I know this space
I'm in control I swear
but lately I've felt something strange
there's Truth I can't yet see
and it's a greater risk to stay
than it is for me to leave


I know pursuing your True Self may feel scary — the unknown often does.

We’d rather dance with the devil we know than the one we don’t. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. But, what if that bird is no longer serving us — is it still better to hang onto it? 


To follow the call of your Truest Self is to go into uncharted waters, but what is the alternative?


To stay on the shore? 


To find ways to distract yourself from that call and live a life that feels certain, but not necessarily happy? 


Maybe, from time to time, you dip your toe in the water, but without a guide it feels too strong to dive in. Over time, the call becomes a whisper and you forget it all together, only to wake up one day on your death bed and share the #1 regret of those who are dying: “I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the one other’s wanted me to live.” And then you pass on - hopefully remembering this lesson in the next life.




You listen to the call. You find a guide to help you navigate the rough waters and you learn what all those who have gone before you know to be true — the water is fine :) You feel a deep sense of joy, one that is independent of external circumstances, and truly yours. You look back on your life and feel so grateful that you pursued the potential truth of happiness instead of clinging to the false security of certainty. You live life on your own terms and feel divinely connected to the world around you. Laying on your death bed, you smile, and say “wow, what a ride.” 


If the second scenario sounds more appealing to you, I can help.


Who this coaching is for:

  • You feel you have slipped into someone else’s character and aren't living life on your own terms

  • You have deep, lingering questions that you have been unable, or unwilling, to sit with

  • You have achieved material or worldly success, but don't feel internal peace

  • You live in a constant state of activity and rarely make time to sit in stillness

  • You are constantly on alert and trying to protect yourself

  • You feel stuck in one reality and struggle to see the infinite possibilities of life

  • You know where you are isn't "it", but you're unsure where to go

  • You want some one to help support and nurture this emerging version of yourself

What I do for you:

  • I foster a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore the depths of your being

  • I hold your hand as we sit with those questions you’ve been unable, or unwilling, to sit with alone

  • I help you reengage your imagination and become more open to your path and your journey

  • I provide tried and tested techniques for navigating the obstacles that keep you from knowing your True Self

  • I provide a constant and consistent container for you to cultivate this new version of yourself

  • I help you rest confidently in your inner knowing and build an external world from a firm and true foundation


After working together you will experience:

  • The happiness that comes from living in alignment with your True Self
  • The peace that comes from a kinder, more compassionate relationship to self

  • The excitement that comes from being able to create what you truly want

  • The freedom that comes from developing a deep inner stillness and safety that is independent of outside circumstances

  • The harmony that comes from engaging authentically with the world

  • The joy that comes from being able to make lasting changes from a space that is confidently yours

“The most valuable thing about working with Rob is that he creates a non-judgmental zone for curiosity and allows whatever is there to come out. He gives me the space to explore myself in a safe way. He’s encouraged me to take greater responsibility for my life, live more mindfully, and helped me see the value I add to the world.”

-- Mustafa F.

“Before working with Rob, I felt lost and unsure of what I was doing with my life. I was grinding all the time, but not enjoying anything. Rob helped me shift my perspective and develop a deeper understanding of what life is about. I still have my rough days, but I know what makes me happy now. He is real and authentic and created a completely safe space for me to explore myself and who I want to be. I would recommend him 100% to anyone looking to broaden their mental and spiritual approach to life. His coaching was a breath of fresh air.

-- Alex C.


How does coaching work? 

We will meet virtually or in person for 60 minutes per week over the course of four to six months. During this time, I will provide a safe, non-judgmental space for your self-exploration and offer practices to help you uncover your Truest Self. 

How do I know if this is the right fit?

All of my coaching agreements start with an honest conversation with no pressure, or obligation. Connecting with another human being and hearing their story is a pleasure for me in and of itself. You’ll learn about my style and approach and we can talk about my thoughts on coaching in general. We'll chat about what interests you about hiring someone at this time and talk through how I might be able to serve. Of course, we'll also cover everything you need to know about pricing and logistics.

How much does it cost?

I truly believe in the power of coaching and am committed to making it accessible to a wide range of incomes. My general rate is $150-200/session, with a few reduced rate and pro bono spots available for those in need. As I only have a few of these, please consider your ability to pay before choosing one. If you are cautious about spending money and concerned about making intelligent choices, all the better. Bring your doubts to our intro call and we’ll take an honest look at whether or not this is the right fit for you. 

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